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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

All of our vegetable seeds are open-pollinated and non-GMO. Growing heirloom vegetables is one of the best ways to preserve our precious food heritage. See this article on seed freedom. Here's a video on how organic food can change your life. We must all work together to grow and save heirloom seeds. We can make a difference!

Vegetable Seeds

Arugula (Roquette)

Bean, Bush (20)

Bean, Pole (9)

Beet (4)

Broccoli 'De Cicco'

Brussels Sprouts 'Catskill'

Carrot (3)

Cucumber (3)

Eggplant (3)

Fennel, Florence

Ground Cherry

Kale (4)

Leek 'American Flag'

Lettuce (10)

Melon (4)

Onion (4)

Parsnip 'Hollow Crown'

Pea (2)

Pepper (18)

Radish (3)

Spinach 'Bloomsdale'

Squash (14)

Swiss Chard 'Rainbow'

Tomatillo (3)

Tomato - Black (8)

Tomato - Green (2)

Tomato - Orange & Yellow (6)

Tomato - Pink & Red (8)

Tomato - Striped (10)

Watermelon (2)

Zucchini (3)

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