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Heirloom Pea Seeds

Homegrown peas are the best! Snap peas have edible pods that are eaten fresh out of hand or in salads. Shell peas can be eaten fresh or cooked.

Sowing Pea Seeds

Sow pea seeds outdoors in early spring, 1" deep and 2" apart. Plant in double rows spaced 6-8" apart with a trellis between the rows. Full sun.

Pea 'Lincoln' (Shell Pea)
(67 days)

75 seeds   $2.75                     
Lincoln shell pea has 4" long pods packed with deliciously sweet and tender green peas. It is excellent for fresh eating, as well as freezing. The compact plants are heat resistant. Grows to 30" tall. Provide a trellis.

English heirloom, 1908.

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Amish snap pea is our favorite edible-podded pea. The short, light green pods are sweet and juicy - perfect for eating in the garden. The vines grow 5-6' tall, making them easy to pick while standing. Provide a trellis.

Amish heirloom.
Pea 'Amish Snap'
(65 days)

75 seeds   $3.25


photo by Theresa Martz                   
Amish Snap Pea
Pea 'Lincoln'