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Annual Seeds
Annual Flower Seeds

We have a lovely selection of annual flower seeds to dress up your garden. Annual flowers provide instant color in the garden. Some annuals reseed and come back year after year.

African Daisy Mix
Alyssum 'Carpet of Snow'
Alyssum 'Royal Carpet'
Amaranth 'Autumn Palette' 
Amaranth 'Golden Giant'
Amaranth 'Hopi Red Dye'
Amaranth 'Love Lies Bleeding'
Amaranth 'Molten Fire'

Balsam 'Camellia Flowered Mix'
Blue Pimpernel
Bupleurum 'Green Gold'

Calendula 'Bon Bon Yellow'
Calendula 'Geisha Girl'
Calendula 'Indian Prince'
Calendula 'Pink Surprise'
Calendula 'Sunset Buff'
California Bluebells
California Poppy 'Purple Gleam'
California Poppy 'Red Chief'
Clarkia amoena Mix
Clarkia elegans Mix 
Cleome 'Helen Campbell'
Cleome 'Rose Queen'
Cleome 'Violet Queen'
Convolvulus tricolor Mix
Coreopsis basalis
Coreopsis tinctoria
Coreopsis tinctoria 'Dwarf Red'
Cosmidium 'Brunette'
Cosmos 'Candy Stripe'
Cosmos 'Daydream'
Cosmos 'Double Click Mix'
Cosmos 'Dwarf Sensation Mix'
Cosmos 'Gloria'
Cosmos 'Picotee'
Cosmos 'Psyche White'
Cosmos 'Purity'
Cosmos 'Seashells Mix'
Cosmos 'Sensation Mix'
Cosmos 'Sonata White'
Cosmos 'Tetra Versailles Red'
Cosmos sulphureus 'Ladybird Mix'
Cosmos 'Ladybird Lemon'
Cynoglossum amabile

Diascia 'Pink Queen'
Emilia 'Scarlet Magic'
Four O'Clock 'Alba'
Four O'Clock 'Marrakesh'
Four O'Clock 'Salmon Sunset'
Four O'Clock Mix

Gaillardia 'Sundance Red'
Gazania splendens Mix
Gilia tricolor  
Gypsophila elegans
Lavatera 'Mont Blanc'
Lavatera 'Tanagra'
Lavatera trimestris Mix
Linaria maroccana Mix
Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco'
Linum grandiflorum rubrum
Lobelia 'Crystal Palace'

Malcolmia maritima 'Choice Mix'
Marigold 'Crackerjack'
Marigold 'Naughty Marietta'
Marigold 'Petite Mix'
Matthiola longipetala
Monarda citriodora 
Morning Glory 'Carnevale di Venezia'
Morning Glory 'Crimson Rambler'
Morning Glory 'Grandpa Ott'
Morning Glory 'Light Blue Star'
Morning Glory 'Milky Way'
Morning Glory 'Stellar Pink'
Morning Glory, Cardinal Climber
Morning Glory, Ivy-Leaved
Morning Glory, Scarlet Creeper
Morning Glory, Transvaal Orange-Seeded
Morning Glory, Yellow Trumpet

Nasturtium 'Alaska Mix'
Nasturtium 'Dwarf Jewel Mix'
Nasturtium 'Empress of India'
Nasturtium 'Peach Melba'
Nasturtium 'Salmon Baby'
Nasturtium 'Tom Thumb Mixed'
Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Mixed'
Nemophila maculata
Nemophila 'Penny Black'
Nicotiana 'Sensation Mix'
Nicotiana sylvestris
Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll Blue'
Nigella 'Miss Jekyll Mix'
Nigella hispanica 'Curiosity'   

Pansy 'Beaconsfield'
Pansy 'Clear Crystals Light Blue'
Pansy 'Clear Crystals Mixed'
Pansy 'Clear Crystals Scarlet'
Pansy 'Silverbride'
Pansy 'Swiss Giants Mix'
Pansy 'Ullswater'
Petunia integrifolia
Petunia 'Laura Bush Mix'
Petunia 'Laura Bush Pink' 
Phlox drummondii Mix
Phlox drummondii Red  
Phlox 'Beauty Blue'
Phlox 'Brilliant'
Phlox 'Twinkle Mix'
Poppy 'Antique Shades'
Poppy 'Black Peony'
Poppy 'Black Swan'
Poppy 'Danish Flag'
Poppy 'Drama Queen'
Poppy 'Lauren's Grape'
Poppy, Lavender Peony
Poppy, Peony Mix
Poppy, Shirley 'Diane's Mix'

Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy'
Rudbeckia 'Indian Summer'

Salvia coccinea Red
Salvia farinacea
Silene armeria 
Silene pendula 'Triumph'  
Snapdragon 'Apple Blossom'
Snapdragon 'Choice O.P. Mix'
Snapdragon 'Defiance'
Snapdragon 'Orange Wonder'
Snapdragon 'Snowflake'
Sunflower 'Autumn Beauty'
Sweet Pea 'Bijou Mix'
Sweet Pea 'Matucana'
Sweet Pea 'Old Spice Mix' 
Sweet Pea 'Royal Family'
Sweet Pea 'Royal Navy Blue'
Sweet Pea 'Royal Red'

Tithonia rotundifolia 'Torch'
Viola 'Bambini Mixed'
Viola 'Chantreyland'
Viola 'King Henry'
Viola tricolor 'Helen Mount'

Zinnia 'Cherry Queen'
Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix'
Zinnia 'Luminosa Pink'
Zinnia 'Persian Carpet Mix'
Zinnia 'Purple Prince'
Zinnia 'Red Cap'
Zinnia 'Swirls Mixed'

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