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Nicotiana alata is the perfect flower to enjoy during an evening stroll through the garden. It blooms from midsummer until the first frost with large, pure white, trumpet-shaped flowers.

Jasmine Tobacco is a highly fragrant heirloom flower. The perfume is most noticeable on warm summer evenings. Also known as Flowering Tobacco.

height 36"  spacing 12"

Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco) Seeds

Nicotiana is a tender perennial (zones 10-11) that is grown as an annual in cooler zones. It blooms from midsummer until the first frost.

Sowing Nicotiana Seeds

Start nicotiana seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Sow on the surface. Full sun to part shade.

Nicotiana 'Sensation Mix' blooms in a wide range of colors, including pink, rose, crimson, lavender, purple and white. The flowers have a sweet fragrance in the evening, and they attract hummingbirds.

The flowers are famous for staying open during the day, unlike older varieties of flowering tobacco. They look stunning paired with cleome. Deer resistant.

height 24-36"  spacing 12"

Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green' is an heirloom variety of flowering tobacco. The lightly fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers open in early evening.

Tobacco 'Lime Green' looks terrific with light pink, dark pink or white flowers. It makes a lovely addition to the annual garden. Or use it as a self-sowing filler in the perennial garden.

height 30"  spacing 12"

nicotiana alata
Nicotiana alata
(Jasmine Tobacco)

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nicotiana sensation mixed
Nicotiana 'Sensation Mixed'
(Nicotiana x sanderae)

1500 seeds   $3.00   out of stock
Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green'
(Flowering Tobacco)

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nicotiana sylvestris
Nicotiana sylvestris
(Woodland Tobacco)

2,000 seeds   $3.00        
Nicotiana sylvestris is a tall species of flowering tobacco with very long, trumpet-shaped, pure white flowers that bloom from July to September. The large, bright green leaves are also impressive.

Woodland Tobacco is a stately plant for the back of the border. It also makes an elegant focal point in a large bed of annuals. Shade tolerant.

height 4-5'  spacing 18"
Nicotiana 'Lime Green'
Nicotiana langsdorffii 'Lemon Tree' has tall stems covered with small, dangling, yellow-green flowers.

Nicotiana langsdorffii is native to Brazil. It was introduced to gardeners in 1819. It looks wonderful massed in the border or used as a filler between larger, brightly colored annuals and perennials.

height 3'  spacing 12"

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Nicotiana langsdorffii 'Lemon Tree'
(Langsdorff's Tobacco)

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