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Heirloom Radish Seeds

Radishes are a cool season crop. They can sown in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Some varieties can also be grown as a fall crop.

Sowing Radish Seeds

Sow radish seeds outdoors in early spring or fall. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Thin to 2" apart. Keep soil consistently moist. Full sun to part shade.

Radish 'German Giant'
(30 days)

300 seeds   $3.00

photo by Theresa Martz                    
German Giant is an extra large radish with a mild flavor and deep red color. The roots are typically 3" in diameter, but they can grow larger while still retaining their crispness. This is a favorite variety of many savvy home gardeners.

German heirloom.
Radish 'Watermelon'
(60 days)

300 seeds   $3.00  
Watermelon radish is best grown as a fall crop that is harvested in early winter. The 4" roots are pale green with a rose-red interior. Sweet, crisp, and full of antioxidants. Also known as Beauty Heart or Chinese Red Meat radish.

Chinese heirloom.

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French Breakfast is an early, bicolor radish that is red on top and white near the root end. The oblong shape means more radish per square foot of garden space, along with giving it a nice grip for dipping in your favorite dressing.

American heirloom, 1875.
Radish 'French Breakfast'
(24 days)

500 seeds   $3.00                   
Radish 'French Breakfast'
Radish 'German Giant'
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