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Penstemon calycosus
Calico Beardtongue
24". Light purple flowers. Shade and moisture tolerant. 800 seeds, $2.25

Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' 
Foxglove Penstemon
30". Pale pink flowers. Beautiful, bronze foliage. 250 seeds, $3.25

Penstemon grandiflorus
Shell Leaf Beardtongue
30". Large lavender or pink flowers. Moisture tolerant. 100 seeds, $2.25

Penstemon hirsutus
Hairy Penstemon, Eastern Beardtongue
24". Soft, lavender and white flowers. 1,600 seeds, $2.25

Penstemon payettensis
Payette's Beardtongue
30". Dark violet-blue flowers. Similar to Penstemon strictus. 100 seeds, $2.25

Penstemon paysoniorum
Payson's Beardtongue
12". Lavender-blue flowers on compact plants. Rare. 50 seeds, $3.00

Penstemon strictus 
Rocky Mountain Penstemon
30". Deep, violet-blue flowers. A popular wildflower. 200 seeds, $2.25

Penstemon tubaeflorus
White Plains Beardtongue
40". Soft, white flowers. Wonderful, tall species. 400 seeds, $2.25

Sowing Penstemon Seeds:
Sow indoors, then refrigerate for the amount of time specified on the packet.
Or sow outdoors in a cold frame in late fall or winter. Sow on the surface, or barely cover the seeds. Full sun. Well-drained soil. Penstemons are difficult to germinate, so please sow thickly and be patient.

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Penstemon calycosus