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Sowing Seeds

Starting Seeds Indoors -- Seed-starting tips for success.

Germinating Difficult Seeds -- Nicking, soaking and stratifying seeds.

Self-Sowing Annuals -- Flowers that reseed and come back every year.

Plants with a Purpose

Hummingbird Flowers -- The best flowers for attracting hummingbirds.

Butterfly Flowers -- Attracting butterflies with nectar and host plants.

Flowers for Beneficial Insects -- Support your local ladybugs and lacewings.

First-Year Flowering Perennials -- Get more bang for your buck.

Fragrant Flowers -- The most fragrant flowers you can grow from seed.

Flowers for Cutting -- The best annuals and perennials for cutting.

Garden Design Ideas

Container Garden Design -- Create eye-catching container gardens.

Rock Garden Perennials -- Rock garden plants to grow from seed.

Cottage Garden Design -- How to design a garden for year-round interest.

Companion Plants for Roses -- Flowers to enhance your rose garden.

Companion Plants for Daffodils -- Early-blooming flowers and bulb covers.

Companion Plants for Ornamental Grasses -- Flowers to add some color.

Plants for Special Conditions

Shade-Tolerant Flowers -- Perennials and annuals for difficult shady spots.

Drought-Tolerant Flowers -- Save water and still have a beautiful garden.

Groundcovers from Seed -- Annual and perennial groundcovers.

Deer-Resistant Flowers -- Annuals & perennials. Tips for deterring deer.

Perennials for Cold Zones -- Perennials that are hardy to zones 3-4.

Plants for Warm Zones -- Annuals and perennials for zones 10-11.

Gardening Advice

Saving Flower Seeds -- Learn new tricks for saving flower seeds.

Saving Tomato Seeds -- Learn how to save your own tomato seeds.

Vegetable Planting Schedule -- Keep track of when to plant vegetables.

Rose Fertilizer Recipe -- An organic mixture to keep your roses healthy.

The Garden in My Mind -- Thoughts for obsessed gardeners.

The Perfect Tomato -- An article with an attitude about "perfection".

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Gardening Articles by Diane Linsley

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