Lychnis chalcedonica 'Carnea' Seeds (Dusky Salmon, Pinkie, Pink Maltese Cross)
Lychnis chalcedonica 'Carnea'
(Pink Maltese Cross)

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Lychnis chalcedonica 'Carnea' has large clusters of salmon-pink flowers from June to August. It's wonderful for attracting hummingbirds. It also makes a good cut flower.

Pink Maltese Cross is nice in the middle of the border. Try it with white and blue flowers like Shasta Daisy and Salvia transsylvanica. It also looks lovely with Red Maltese Cross and White Maltese Cross.

Lychnis chalcedonica 'Carnea' is an heirloom flower that has been grown for centuries. It is often introduced by nurseries under new names, as if it were a new flower. Also known as Lychnis chalcedonica 'Dusky Salmon', 'Dawn Sky', 'Dusky Pink', 'Pinkie' and 'Margenrot'. Hardy perennial in zones 4-10.

height 3-4'  spacing 15"

Sowing Lychnis chalcedonica 'Carnea' Seeds

Start lychnis seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Full sun to part shade.

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Lychnis chalcedonica 'Carnea'