Bronze Fennel 'Smokey' Seeds (Foeniculum vulgare var. rubrum)
Bronze Fennel 'Smokey'
(Foeniculum vulgare var. rubrum)

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bronze fennel smokey

Bronze Fennel 'Smokey' is a versatile plant for both flower and herb gardens. The dark, feathery foliage makes a lovely backdrop for tall, brightly colored flowers like hollyhock or Lychnis chalcedonica.

Bronze fennel foliage makes a good filler in cut flower arrangements. The yellow umbel flowers attract butterflies and beneficial insects. Bronze fennel is a host plant for black swallowtail butterflies.

The entire plant is edible. The anise-flavored leaves can be added to salads, vegetables, fish and egg dishes. Ground fennel seeds are delicious in sausages and curries. The leaves and seeds make a soothing tea for digestion. It also has many other health benefits.

Smokey bronze fennel is hardy in zones 4-10. Deer resistant. Self sows.

height 3-5'

Sowing Smokey Bronze Fennel Seeds

Sow bronze fennel seeds outdoors in late spring. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Thin to 18" apart. Full sun.

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