Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' (Jingle Bells, Iron Maiden) Seeds
Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' (Jingle Bells, Iron Maiden)

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Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' is one of the best flowers for attracting hummingbirds. It's also one of the easiest penstemons to grow from seed. It may bloom the first year if started early indoors.

Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' blooms throughout the summer with scarlet-red, tubular flowers. The long-stemmed flowers are good for cutting. It looks great in the middle of the border with other perennials and ornamental grasses. It's shown here with Penstemon palmeri and Lychnis chalcedonica.

This easy-to-grow penstemon is less fussy than most species, and it self-sows lightly. Give it well-drained soil in full sun.

Also known as Penstemon barbatus ssp. coccineus 'Jingle Bells, 'Iron Maiden', Scarlet Beardtongue, Beard Tongue, and Scarlet Bugler. Hardy in zones 3-9. 

height 36"  spacing 18"                       

Sowing Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' Seeds

Start penstemon seeds indoors in late winter. Sow on the surface or barely cover the seeds with soil, then refrigerate for 3 weeks. Full sun.

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Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus'