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Onion 'Evergreen Bunching'
(60-120 days)

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Onion 'Evergreen Bunching'

Also called green onions or scallions. Bunching onions are easy to grow, maturing quickly from a spring planting. Onion 'Evergreen Bunching' is a cold- hardy variety, so it can be planted in the fall in mild winter areas.

Onion 'Evergreen Bunching' is hardy in zones 5-9, where it can be grown as a clumping perennial. The plants can be separated and replanted in early spring. They also self-sow. Latin name: Allium fistulosum. Organic seed.

60-120 days

Sowing Evergreen Bunching Onion Seeds

Sow onion seeds outdoors 4 weeks before the last frost date, 1/4" deep and 2" apart in rows spaced 12" apart. Full sun to light shade.

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onion evergreen bunching