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Carrot 'Scarlet Nantes'
(68 days)

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Carrot 'Scarlet Nantes' is a famous heirloom vegetable. It is sweet, juicy and nearly coreless. The deep, reddish-orange color shows its high vitamin content. It is a great choice for fresh eating, freezing and juicing.

Scarlet Nantes carrot is a French heirloom that was introduced in 1855. It can grow to 7" long. It likes deeply dug soil where it can put down long roots. Latin name: Daucus carota.

68 days

Sowing Carrot 'Scarlet Nantes' Seeds

Sow carrot seeds outdoors 3-6 weeks before the last frost date in deeply worked soil. Sow on the surface, then cover lightly with soil. Keep moist. Thin to 3" apart. Full sun.

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