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Amaranth 'Love Lies Bleeding'
(Amaranthus caudatus)

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photo by Kathy Rinke               
Amaranth 'Love Lies Bleeding'

Love Lies Bleeding amaranth is an unusual heirloom plant with long, drooping strands of burgundy-red flowers in late summer. Also called tassel flower.

Amaranth 'Love Lies Bleeding' gives the garden a touch of the exotic or the old-fashioned, depending on what it's combined with. It also makes an interesting container plant or cut flower.

Amaranthus caudatus produces edible leaves for soups and salads. The seeds make a delicious cooked cereal. Click here for more amaranth seeds.

height 4'

Sowing Amaranth 'Love Lies Bleeding' Seeds

Sow seeds outdoors close to the last frost date. Or start indoors 4 weeks early. Barely cover with soil. Thin to 15" apart. Full sun.

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Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding