Alcea rosea 'Nigra' Seeds
Alcea rosea 'Nigra'
(Black Hollyhock)

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Alcea rosea 'Nigra' has large, single flowers in a dark shade of burgundy-maroon that appears almost black.

Hollyhock 'Nigra' is an heirloom variety that has been popular since colonial times. It looks especially nice with pink, red or white flowers like hibiscus, cosmos, or Hollyhock 'Indian Spring'.

height 6-7'  spacing 24"

Sowing Alcea Rosea 'Nigra' Seeds

Start hollyhock seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Or sow outdoors after the last frost, 1/4" deep. Can be sown in late summer. Full sun.

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Alcea rosea 'Nigra'