Zinnia elegans 'Sombrero' Seeds
Zinnia elegans 'Sombrero'

100 seeds   $2.75                         

Zinnia 'Sombrero' is a stunning selection with bicolor petals of red and yellow. It's a mid-height variety that can be planted in front of taller zinnias.

For a hot color combination, try planting Zinnia 'Sombrero' with Canary Bird and Scarlet Flame. Not only do these zinnias look hot, but they also love the hot summer weather.

height 2'  spacing 12"             

Sowing Zinnia 'Sombrero' Seeds

Sow zinnia seeds outdoors after the last frost date, 1/8" deep. Or start indoors
4-5 weeks early. Full sun. 

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Zinnia 'Sombrero'