Zinnia elegans 'California Giants' Seeds
Zinnia elegans 'California Giants'

100 seeds   $3.00

Zinnia 'California Giants' is a fantastic mix of 5-6" wide, double flowers on tall stems. Colors include red, orange, yellow, pink, lavender, purple and white. Great for cutting.

Zinnia 'California Giants' makes a show-stopping display when massed. This heirloom strain dates back to 1919. Also known as Zinnia 'Giants of California'.

height 3'  spacing 12"           

Sowing Zinnia 'California Giants' Seeds

Sow zinnia seeds outdoors after the last frost date, 1/8" deep. Or start indoors
4-5 weeks early. Full sun.

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Zinnia 'California Giants'
Zinnia 'California Giants'
Zinnia 'California Giants'