Zinnia elegans 'Cactus Flowered Mix' Seeds
Zinnia elegans 'Cactus Flowered
Mix' (Zinnia)

100 seeds   $3.00

Zinnia 'Cactus Flowered Mix' has large, 4-5" blooms in a wide range of colors. The quilled petals are intriguing. This mix includes shades of red, pink, purple, gold, orange, cream and salmon.

Cactus flowered zinnias are especially nice in cut flower arrangements. Give them a spot in the garden where you can see the intricate flowers up close.

height 3'  spacing 12"             

Sowing Zinnia 'Cactus Flowered Mix' Seeds

Sow zinnia seeds outdoors after the last frost date, 1/8" deep. Or start indoors
4-5 weeks early. Full sun.

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zinnia cactus flowered cream
zinnia cactus flowered red
zinnia cactus flowerd pink
zinnia cactus flowered gold
zinnia cactus flowered orange
zinnia cactus flowered