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Sweet Pea 'Matucana'
(Lathyrus odoratus)

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Lathyrus odoratus 'Matucana' 

Matucana sweet pea is the most vigorous and fragrant variety I've ever grown. The plants produce many bicolor flowers of violet-blue and maroon-red for a long time in early summer.

Sweet Pea 'Matucana' makes an absolutely stunning companion plant for roses of almost any color.

The powerful fragrance of Sweet Pea 'Matucana' can be detected from several feet away. It reseeds consistently in my zone 5 garden. Most other sweet peas have not been so successful.

Lathyrus odoratus 'Matucana' is a centuries-old sweet pea from Sicily. It was given the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2014.

height 4'

Sowing Sweet Pea 'Matucana' Seeds

Nick sweet pea seeds and soak overnight. Sow outdoors in early spring, 1" deep and 3" apart. In the south, sow in late fall. Full sun to part shade.

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