Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice' Seeds (Helianthus debilis)
Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice'
(Helianthus debilis)

50 seeds   $3.00           

Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice' has 3-4" pale yellow to creamy white flowers with dark centers. It's a branching variety that blooms in abundance. Moderate height and small flowers help it fit comfortably into the border with other plants.

Cut flower expert, Sarah Raven, recommends Vanilla Ice for hand-tied bunches. For bushier plants, pinch out the tips at 10" tall.

height 4'  spacing 18"

Sowing Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice' Seeds

Sow sunflower seeds outdoors after the last frost date, 1" deep. Thin to 12" apart. Full sun.

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Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice'