Stipa (Nasella) tenuissima (Mexican Feather Grass) Seeds
Stipa (Nassella) tenuissima
(Mexican Feather Grass)

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Stipa tenuissima is one of the most delicate and beautiful of all ornamental grasses. The hair-like leaves wave gracefully in the wind, and the plants are nicely proportioned to fit into almost any garden. 

Stipa tenuissima grows quickly and blooms the first year from seed, so it can be grown as an annual. It tolerates drought and alkaline soil, and it does well in containers.

Also known as Nassella tenuissima. Common names include Mexican Feather Grass, Pony Tails, Angel Hair Grass, and Silky Thread Grass. Hardy perennial in zones 6-10. It overwinters in zone 5 if planted in a warm spot in full sun.

height 30"  spacing 18"

Sowing Stipa tenuissima Seeds

Start stipa seeds indoors in late winter. Barely cover the seeds with soil, then refrigerate for 3 weeks. Full sun.

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stipa tenuissima