Spinach 'Bloomsdale Long Standing' Seeds - $1.50 Sale!

Spinach 'Bloomsdale Long Standing' is a popular heirloom vegetable with glossy, dark green, crinkled leaves. It is slow to bolt and very tasty.

Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach was introduced in 1925, and it's still one of the best varieties today.

Spinach is a cool season crop. It bolts in hot weather, so it should be sown in early spring or late summer. Organic seed.

48 days

Sowing Spinach 'Bloomsdale Long Standing' Seeds

Sow spinach seeds outdoors in early spring or late summer, 1/2" deep. Can be sown in fall for a spring crop in mild climates. Thin to 3-12" apart, depending on desired leaf size. Full sun to part shade.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Spinach 'Bloomsdale Long Standing' (48 days)

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spinach bloomsdale long standing