Poppy 'Frosted Salmon' Seeds (Papaver paeoniflorum)
Poppy 'Frosted Salmon'
(Papaver paeoniflorum)

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If you are looking for a gorgeous ball of fluffy beauty, this is it. Peony poppy 'Frosted Salmon' has huge blooms, densely packed with petals. The salmon-pink petals fade at the edges for a two-tone effect.

This poppy was immortalized by 17th century Dutch painters. The plants are large and vigorous. Wonderful in the cottage garden.

height 30"                   

Sowing Poppy 'Frosted Salmon' Seeds

Sow poppy seeds outdoors in early spring, or fall in mild winter areas. Sow on the surface. Full sun. 

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Poppy 'Frosted Salmon'