Poppy 'Black Peony' Seeds (Papaver paeoniflorum)
Poppy 'Black Peony'
(Papaver paeoniflorum)

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photo by Cheryl Netter
Poppy 'Black Peony' has fully double flowers with maroon-black petals. The flowers are followed by ornamental seed pods, which are nice in dried flower arrangements. This stunning heirloom flower is perfect for the cottage garden.

Papaver paeoniflorum 'Black Peony' is a self-sowing annual. It is easy to grow. The seeds should be sown in the cool weather of early spring.

Also known as Breadseed Poppy and Papaver somniferum 'Black Paeony'.

height 30"                   

Sowing Poppy 'Black Peony' Seeds

Sow poppy seeds outdoors in early spring, or fall in mild winter areas. Sow on the surface. Full sun. 

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Poppy 'Black Peony'