Poppy 'Antique Shades' Seeds (Papaver paeoniflorum)
Poppy 'Antique Shades'
(Papaver paeoniflorum)

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photo by Michele Roth

Peony Poppy 'Antique Shades' is a mixture of double poppies with rose-red, pink, white or purple flowers that blend into a creamy white base, giving them an antiqued look. These heirloom poppies have been grown in gardens for centuries. A good choice for the cottage garden.

Papaver paeoniflorum 'Antique Shades' is easy to grow. It blooms in midsummer from an early spring sowing, and it self sows on bare soil. Also known as Lettuce Leaf Poppy.

height 30"                   

Sowing Poppy 'Antique Shades' Seeds

Sow poppy seeds outdoors in early spring, or fall in mild winter areas. Sow on the surface. Full sun. 

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