Diane's Flower Seeds Policy

Seed germination rates are over 70% for most seeds, but some species normally have lower germination rates. Some seeds are difficult to grow and require special germination treatment. We cannot guarantee your success. That depends on your level of experience, as well as the weather, soil, insects, birds and other factors beyond our control. If you are having trouble germinating seeds, please see the articles for tips. If you have a question about your seeds, please e-mail me.

We only replace seeds that fail to grow if they are defective. If we get a complaint, we retest the seeds. If they don't pass the germination test, we provide a refund.

Customer Testimonials: Our reputation is your best guarantee!

"I just wanted to report how well all the seeds did, and how pleased I am with your service and product. I love the little ziplock bags the seeds come in, the reasonable price, and the amazing speed with which they were sent. You’re awesome! I run a small cut flower business, and I'm really pleased to have discovered you. I will be back!" ~Leslie Fancher, Cottage Farm Flowers

"I was able to compare your tomato seeds with some other companies last year, and your germination rates were incredibly better than the others.
I always buy from you anyway, but was happy to see I was getting my money's worth. Love your flower seeds, too. I am doing wintersowing and couldn't resist telling you how happy I am every year buying from you. Many blessings." ~Lauren in Chattanooga, TN

"Diane gave very personal attention to my order, shipped immediately and included a free packet of seeds! Her website includes detailed information and even personal experience related to each seed variety.
It also includes sowing information for each type of seed. Seeds come carefully packed in see-through plastic packets. I ordered a bunch, and when I opened up the package, it smelled like Spring! High quality, great customer service, and competitive pricing. I look forward to returning again and again." ~Clearfield, UT

"I've now ordered two or three times from Diane, every time with good results. Germination and growth were excellent on the seeds I ordered and planted last spring. And my recent order arrived very promptly. Will definitely order again -- good products, fine service, interesting and accessible website." ~Albuquerque, NM

"I have ordered from Diane several times. Each time the seeds come very quickly and are well packaged. They also come with a bonus packet of seeds, which I appreciate! I look forward to checking Diane's seeds frequently to see what else she has added to her inventory. I enjoy growing the more unique and unusual seeds she sells, and the germination rates are always very good." ~Atlanta, GA

"I wanted some hard to find heirloom seeds and found all of them at Diane's. The price of the seeds was excellent, and I was very pleased with the packaging and quick shipping. I was also thrilled to have the option to make a payment through Paypal. My germination results were better than any of the other seed companies I bought from this year. The plants are strong and ready to be planted in beds and containers. Thank you for having a business that achieves excellence!" ~Maryville, TN

"I was so pleased with the seeds I purchased from you last year that I'm ordering some more for this year. Your seeds germinated so well I was able to give plants away to friends & family and garden club members and also to recommend your website to them." ~Blue Mountain Lake, NY

"I place an order with you every year, and I have to say I am always completely satisfied with the seeds and the plants, as are my cutomers."
~Weaverville, NC

"With these glowing ratings, I'm not sure Diane's Flower Seeds needs yet another great review, but here it is. I discovered the company this year through Garden Watchdog and decided to place a small order. The selection of flowers and heirloom tomatoes is superb. A detailed page on each variety contains a great photo, all the descriptive information you'd expect, and sometimes a rare and welcome subjective comment (as when the taste of certain tomatoes falls short despite their good looks -- we all know it happens!).

The service was flawless. I received the seeds in well under a week! Seeds come in re-sealable packets, and the labels clearly indicate varieties that need special treatment, such as chilling, chipping, and/or soaking. Will definitely order from Diane's Flower Seeds again!" ~Denver, CO

"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent seeds. As always, they all germinated successfully and abundantly using the winter sowing outdoors method. I already have lots of baby sprouts of Appleblossom Grass, Bupleurum 'Green Gold', Dianthus Sand Pink, Lychnis coronaria, and Salvia 'Violet Queen'.

I always really appreciate the high quality of your seeds, and this year's batch has lived up to my memories of great Diane's seeds I sowed in the past, including your wonderful Morning Glory 'Stellar Pink'. Thanks. "~Kristina Berg

"I have ordered seeds several times from you and could spend hours reading about the many flowers you describe. I have been gardening for years and years and worked at a nursery for years. BUT...we did not offer the amazing plants you collect seeds from. I did not purchase seeds this year but had several varieties still in the fridge. Sprinkled them about and marked the location, and like magic...little gifts. SO thank you for what you do. Without you and a few others, we would only have begonia and geranium to look at! Ha. Wishing you a wonderful growing season." ~Kim Muraski

"I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful selection of quality seeds! I've made a few small orders from you, and I'm impressed with the germination rate of your varieties. I'm not an experienced gardener at all, and have just started dipping my toes into starting decorative perennials from seed this year. I especially wanted to grow a Victoria oriental poppy and Russian sage, but I had heard that Russian sage is difficult to germinate, so I was worried about my ability to get one started. I planned to winter sow most of the packet, but I'm often an impatient person with my hobbies, so I decided to sow just a few seeds now without any special care (just putting them on top of regular potting soil under lights and misting daily, no cold stratification or anything) just to see what happened. I didn't really expect success, but 3 carefully placed seeds later, I have 3 lovely little Russian sage seedlings! 100% germination seems amazing based on everything I've read about that plant! I just potted them up into larger pots tonight. I've had fantastic germination from the Oriental poppy seeds the same way too, although I've unfortunately managed to kill all my seedlings thus far. Just part of learning, I suppose, and the seeds were excellent, just my skill that isn't there yet. I made sure to buy plenty to keep trying, though! I also enjoyed your articles on choosing flowers for butterflies and hummingbirds. We have hummingbirds hanging around our yard for the first time this year! Anyway, your little shop is a hidden jewel that I'm very happy to have found, and I'll make sure to spread the word about it among my gardening friends." ~Elizabeth Comer

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