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Penstemon tubaeflorus
Penstemon tubaeflorus
(White Plains Beardtongue)

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Penstemon tubaeflorus 

Penstemon tubaeflorus has pure white flowers on tall stems in early summer. It is native to the Great Plains, so it tolerates a fair amount of moisture. This species is a lovely garden plant that looks good with everything. Nice for cutting.

One day I saw Penstemon tubaeflorus after a hard rain storm, and it wasn't even phased. Hundreds of water droplets hung from the flowering stems, sparkling like diamonds! 

Also known as White Plains Beardtongue. Hardy perennial in zones 4-9. 

height 40"

Sowing Penstemon tubaeflorus Seeds

Start seeds indoors in late winter. Barely cover with soil, then refrigerate for 
6 weeks. Full sun. Spacing 15".

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