Parsley 'Giant of Italy' Seeds (Italian Parsley)
Parsley 'Giant of Italy'
(Italian Parsley)

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Parsley 'Giant of Italy' is a tall variety with flat leaves that have a good, strong flavor that is valued by chefs.

In organic gardens, parsley flowers attract beneficial insects, and the leaves provide food for black swallowtail butterfly larvae. Parsley is a self-sowing biennial, so it can be grown in one spot for many years.

Also known as Parsley 'Italian Giant'. Latin name: Petroselinum crispum var. neapolitanum. Hardy biennial in zones 5-9.

height 36"

Sowing Parsley 'Giant of Italy' Seeds

Soak parsley seeds in warm water overnight, then sow outdoors in spring. Lightly cover the seeds with soil. Full sun.

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