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Orach 'Magenta Magic'
(Atriplex hortensis)

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Orach 'Magenta Magic'

Orach 'Magenta Magic' has stunning, deep red leaves. The young leaves are good in salads, or they can be cooked like spinach. Orach self-sows freely, making it a useful spring vegetable. It's the first salad green of the year.

Orach 'Magenta Magic' is beautiful in all stages, even when bolting. The plants eventually reach 4 feet tall and are covered with flat, red seed pods that mature to tan. Nice in flower gardens, vegetable gardens and containers.

28-45 days

Sowing Magenta Magic Orach Seeds

Sow orach seeds outdoors in early spring, or fall in the south. Sow 2" apart and 1/2" deep. Thin to 9" apart. Full sun.

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