Morning Glory 'Blue Star' (Ipomoea tricolor) Seeds
Morning Glory 'Blue Star'
(Ipomoea tricolor)

50 seeds   $2.75

photo by Lynn Chatila     

Morning Glory 'Blue Star' has large, powder-blue flowers. The trumpet-shaped flowers open up to 5" wide. My friend Lynn describes it as "pale and soothing, almost ghostly or otherworldly, depending on how the light hits it."

Ipomoea tricolor 'Blue Star' is an heirloom morning glory. It was introduced in 1949. It is a sport of Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'. The flowers are known for staying open longer than other morning glories.

height 8'  spacing 12"

Sowing Morning Glory 'Blue Star' Seeds

Nick morning glory seeds and soak overnight. Sow outdoors after the last frost date, 1/4" deep. Or start indoors 4 weeks early. Full sun.

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