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Melon 'Northern Arizona'
(87 days)

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Melon 'Northern Arizona'

You'll never find this rare heirloom melon in your local grocery store. It's just  too juicy and thin-skinned to survive shipping. But it's the perfect melon for home gardeners. The cantaloupe-colored flesh melts in your mouth. 

Melon 'Northern Arizona' ripens early, making it a good choice for northern gardeners. The large, teardrop-shaped fruits weigh 6-8 lbs.

Latin name: Cucumis melo.

87 days

Sowing Northern Arizona Melon Seeds

Sow melon seeds outdoors after the last frost date when the soil has warmed, 1/2" deep. Or sow indoors 3 weeks early. Space 2' apart in rows. Or sow in hills spaced 4-6' apart. Thin to 3 plants per hill. Full sun.

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