Larkspur 'Giant Imperial Mixed' Seeds (Consolida ambigua)
Larkspur 'Giant Imperial Mixed'
(Consolida ambigua)

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Larkspur 'Giant Imperial Mixed' has tall spikes of double flowers in shades of purple, blue, lavender, pink and white. The flowers bloom for a long time from late spring to midsummer.

Giant Imperial larkspur is a self-sowing annual that attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. It makes a great companion plant for roses and poppies. The long-stemmed flowers are wonderful for cutting.

height 3-4'

Sowing Larkspur 'Giant Imperial Mixed' Seeds

Sow larkspur seeds outdoors in early spring. Needs cold temperatures to germinate. Sow on the surface or barely cover the seeds with soil. Sow in the fall in mild winter areas. Full sun.

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Larkspur 'Imperial Mix'