Ipomoea hederacea (Ivy-Leaved Morning Glory) Seeds
Ivy-Leaved Morning Glory
(Ipomoea hederacea)

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Ipomoea hederacea is a vigorous annual vine with beautiful, ivy-shaped leaves and relatively small, sky-blue flowers.

Ivy-Leaved Morning Glory will easily cover any support you can give it. It's easy to grow and early to bloom. The flowers attract bees and beneficial insects.

Ipomoea hederacea is native to the tropical parts of America. Also known as Ivyleaf Morning Glory.

height 8'  spacing 12"

Sowing Ipomoea hederacea Seeds

Nick ipomoea seeds and soak overnight. Sow outdoors after the last frost date, 1/4" deep. Or start indoors 4 weeks early. Full sun.

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