Gilia capitata (Globe Gilia) Seeds
Gilia capitata
(Globe Gilia)

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Gilia capitata is a native wildflower with small, round heads of blue, clover-like flowers that attract bees and butterflies. The flowers appear in late spring to summer on top of upright stems with bright green, ferny foliage.

Gilia capitata mixes well with other wildflowers. It is drought tolerant, and it prefers well-drained soil. Easy to grow.

Also known as Globe Gilia, Blue Thimble Flower, and Queen Anne's Thimbles.

height 12"

Sowing Gilia capitata Seeds

Sow gilia seeds outdoors after the last frost date. Or start indoors 6 weeks early. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Full sun to light shade.

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gilia capitata