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Cucumber 'Lemon'
(65 days)

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Lemon cucumber is a popular heirloom vegetable that resembles a lemon. Pick the fruits when they are pale greenish-yellow for best flavor. Overripe fruits turn deep yellow. This non-bitter variety is great for fresh eating.

Cucumber 'Lemon' is about 3-4" in diameter. The long, vigorous vines are very productive. Latin name: Cucumis sativus. Organic seed.

65 days

Sowing Cucumber 'Lemon' Seeds

Sow cucumber seeds outdoors after the last frost date when the soil has warmed, 1/2" deep. Or sow indoors 3 weeks early. Space 2' apart in rows. Or sow in hills spaced 4-6' apart. Thin to 3 plants per hill. Full sun.

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