China Aster 'Powder Puff Mix' (Callistephus chinensis) Seeds
China Aster 'Powder Puff Mix'
(Callistephus chinensis)

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China Aster 'Powder Puff Mix' blooms from mid-summer to early fall with fully double flowers. Colors include pink, purple, crimson and white.

China asters blooms at a time when they are greatly appreciated - after the many June-blooming perennials and annuals are finished and before the autumn display begins. China asters go well with alyssum and cleome.

height 20"

Sowing China Aster 'Powder Puff' Seeds

Sow China Aster seeds outdoors after the last frost. Or start indoors 6-8 weeks early. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Full sun to part shade. Spacing 12".

China Aster Seeds

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China Aster 'Powder Puff'