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Campanula medium
Campanula medium 'Single Mix'
(Canterbury Bells)

350 seeds   $2.00  

Campanula medium 'Single Mix' 

Campanula medium is an old-fashioned biennial that blooms in early summer with large, showy flowers in shades of pink, purple and white. Great for cutting.

Campanula medium blooms the second year from seed. When it's done flowering, pull up the dying plants and shake the seeds over the area where you want them to grow next year. 

Also known as Canterbury Bells. This heirloom flower has been loved by many generations of gardeners. Deer resistant. Hardy in zones 5-8.

height 30"                    

Sowing Campanula medium Seeds

Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Sow on the surface. Full sun to part shade. Spacing 12".

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