Calendula officinalis 'Pink Surprise' Seeds
Calendula officinalis 'Pink Surpise' (Pot Marigold)

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Calendula 'Pink Surpise' has double flowers in a soft shade of apricot-yellow with a tinge of pink. It blooms quickly from an early spring sowing, and it reseeds nicely in the garden.

Calendula 'Pink Surprise' has a long bloom season, and it's easy to grow. It makes a fine container plant. The long-stemmed flowers are good for cutting, and they look at home in beds and borders, as well as in the vegetable or herb garden, where they attract butterflies and beneficial insects.

Calendula officinalis 'Pink Surprise' has edible flower petals that can be added to salads or used as a garnish. The bushy plants are deer resistant.

height 20"  spacing 12"

Sowing Calendula 'Pink Surprise' Seeds

Sow calendula seeds outdoors in early spring to summer, 1/4" deep. Or start indoors 4-6 weeks early. Thin to 12" apart. Full sun.

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Calendula 'Pink Surprise'