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Basil 'Genovese'
(Ocimum basilicum)

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Genovese basil has a hearty, classic flavor. It is the best basil for pesto and flavorful Italian dishes. Also known as Basil 'Sweet Genovese'.

Basil 'Genovese' is a good companion plant for tomatoes. It is supposed to repel pests, and the flowers attract beneficial insects.

Harvest Genovese basil leaves throughout the summer. Cutting the stems will encourage new growth and a bushier plant. Before the first fall frost, harvest all the leaves to make pesto. Freeze it in ice cube trays, then transfer the blocks to a plastic ziploc bag. They can be removed from the freezer as needed to bring back a taste of summer to your cooking. Certified organic seed.

height 24"

Sowing Basil 'Genovese' Seeds

Start basil seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last frost date, 1/8" deep. Transplant outdoors 2 weeks after the last frost date. Full sun. Spacing 10".

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