Allium cernuum (Nodding Onion) Seeds
Allium cernuum
(Nodding Onion)

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Allium cernuum blooms in midsummer with nodding clusters of purplish-pink flowers. It's a native wildflower and a terrific self-sower. It spreads to form a dense patch, which makes it an effective groundcover.

Allium cernuum tolerates a wide range of conditions from sandy or rocky soil to damp clay. It likes full sun or part shade, and it's easier to grow than some of the species. It is native to North America and Mexico.

Also known as Nodding Onion. Deer resistant. Hardy perennial in zones 3-10.

height 14"  spacing 6"

Sowing Allium cernuum Seeds

Sow allium seeds outdoors in the fall. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Or place in a damp paper napkin inside a ziploc bag, and refrigerate for 8 weeks before sowing indoors. Full sun.

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