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Tomato 'Everett's Rusty Oxheart'
(85 days)

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Tomato 'Everett's Rusty Oxheart'

Tomato 'Everett's Rusty Oxheart' is truly unique. The exterior is a rusty-bronze color, and the interior is a rainbow of pink, green and gold. The delicious flavor is a combination of fruity, zippy and tangy.

Tomato 'Everett's Rusty Oxheart' produces lots of 6-12 ounce, heart-shaped fruits. It was first offered in the 2007 SSE Yearbook by Bill Minkey of Darien, WI, who received the seed from Caitlin Jones of Chilmark, MA. A rare variety.

Sowing Tomato 'Everett's Rusty Oxheart' Seeds

Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Sow 1/8" deep. Place the pots in a warm spot to speed germination. The most common causes of poor germination are cold temperatures and burying the seeds too deeply.

Transplant outside when all danger of frost is past. Bury the stem up to the first set of true leaves (tomatoes root along the stem). Full sun. Spacing 30-36". Provide a large tomato cage for support.

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Tomato 'Everett's Rusty Oxheart'