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Linaria maroccana Mix
(Moroccan Toadflax)

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Linaria maroccana - Moroccan Toadflax

Linaria maroccana has small flowers in many different colors and bicolors. They look like miniature snapdragons.

Moroccan Toadflax is a fun plant for the front of a border or along the edge of a path where it can be admired at close range. Children love the tiny flowers. Perfect for a fairy garden.

Linaria maroccana is easy to grow, and it blooms quickly from seed. Try it in pots. Also known as Baby Snapdragon or Toad Flax.

height 15"

Sowing Linaria maroccana Seeds:
Sow outdoors after the last frost date. Or sow indoors 6 weeks early. Sow on the surface. Full sun.

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Linaria maroccana