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Glaucium 'Burnt Orange'
(Horned Poppy)

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Glaucium corniculatum 'Burnt Orange'

Glaucium 'Burnt Orange' has vibrant orange flowers in early to mid summer. The blue-gray leaves remain attractive throughout the season. This is a rare and wonderful plant.

Glaucium corniculatum 'Burnt Orange' can be grown as an annual or a biennial, depending on when it is sown. In my zone 5 garden, it grows as a hardy biennial, even when the seeds are sown early in the year.

Also known as Horned Poppy. Easy to grow. Hardy in zones 6-9. It seems to be hardier in my garden.

height 15"

Sowing Glaucium 'Burnt Orange' Seeds:
Sow outdoors in spring or late summer. Barely cover with soil. Full sun.
Thin to 12" apart.

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Glaucium 'Burnt Orange'