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Geum 'Blazing Sunset'

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Geum chiloense flore plena 'Blazing Sunset'

Geum 'Blazing Sunset' has fully double, scarlet-red flowers that appear in early summer. The large blooms look almost like miniature roses. The plants are more compact than Geum 'Mrs. Bradshaw'.

The scarlet-red flowers look fabulous in warm color schemes. In my garden, they are planted near a golden-yellow rose with Diathus arenarius to provide a striking contrast.

Geum 'Blazing Sunset' is a first-year flowering perennial with a long bloom season. It's a Fleuroselect Quality Award winner. Also known as Geum quellyon var. flore plena 'Blazing Sunset'. Deer resistant. Hardy in zones 4-9.

height 24"

Sowing Geum 'Blazing Sunset' Seeds

Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Barely cover with soil. Full sun. Spacing 12".

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Geum 'Blazing Sunset'