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Clarkia amoena 'Tall Mix'
(Farewell to Spring)

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Clarkia amoena 'Tall Mix' - Farewell to Spring

Clarkia amoena is a showy wildflower that blooms in early summer with bicolor, cup-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red and white. It makes a nice bulb cover or groundcover around larger plants.

Clarkia amoena is native to the coastal hills of British Columbia and northern California. It reseeds where it's happy. Also known as Godetia amoena. Deer resistant. Easy to grow.

height 15"

Sowing Clarkia amoena Seeds:
Sow outdoors in early spring. Sow on the surface. Full sun.

Clarkia Seeds

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Clarkia amoena Farewell to Spring
photo by Nathan Allred