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Tomato 'Pink Pioneer'
(80 days)

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Pink Pioneer Tomato Seeds

Pink Pioneer tomato is a large, pink beefsteak with a delicious, well-balanced flavor. Three out of five people in our family prefer it over Brandywine. This beautiful tomato is crack-resistant and fairly productive. We've had good reports from customers who have tried it. It's relatively early for a large tomato. The fruits often weigh one pound or more. Potato-leaf foliage.

Tomato 'Pink Pioneer' was first introduced by Diane's Flower Seeds in 2005 under the name Purple Passion, which was the name of the original seeds that she obtained from James M. Irvine, who had grown it for many years, selecting for large size. Mr. Irvine got his seeds from Ron Watts of Kaysville, Utah, who told Mr. Irvine that Purple Passion was an old Utah heirloom.

Mr. Irvine's strain of Purple Passion produced variable fruit. Diane Linsley attempted to stabilize the strain by selecting for size and consistency. In 2013, she renamed it Pink Pioneer in honor of the tomato's ancestry. Diane changed the name to avoid confusion with a black tomato called Purple Passion that appeared in circulation shortly after she started selling Mr. Irvine's strain of Purple Passion.

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