Sweet Pea 'Royal Red' Seeds (Lathyrus odoratus)
Sweet Pea 'Royal Red'
(Lathyrus odoratus)

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Many years ago, I grew Sweet Pea 'Royal Family Mix'. This is the only color in the mix that reseeded. It has been growing in my garden ever since.

Sweet Pea 'Royal Red' is a nice shade of red - not too orange and not too purple. I would call it cherry red.

I am very fond of this reliable, red sweet pea. It has a light fragrance, and it looks terrific with roses and many different perennials and annuals.

height 4'

Sowing Sweet Pea 'Royal Red' Seeds

Nick sweet pea seeds and soak overnight. Sow outdoors in early spring, 1" deep and 3" apart. In the south, sow in late fall. Full sun to part shade.

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