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Pansy 'Beaconsfield'
(Viola x wittrockiana)

65 seeds   $3.00         
Pansy 'Beaconsfield' is a gorgeous variety with dark purple lower petals and pale lavender to white upper petals. The large flowers are 3" across. Deadhead to prolong the bloom season.

Beaconsfield pansy is a selection from Pansy 'Swiss Giants Mixed'. Also known as Pansy 'Swiss Giant Beaconsfield'.

height 8"  spacing 6"

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Pansy Beaconsfield
Pansy Seeds

Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) is an annual with flowers in a wide range of colors. It's one of the best plants for shade and cool weather. Easy to grow from seed.

Sowing Pansy Seeds

Start pansy seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Full sun to part shade.

Pansy 'Swiss Giants Mixed'
(Viola x wittrockiana)

275 seeds   $3.00        
Pansy 'Swiss Giants Mixed' blooms in a wide range of bright colors from warm yellows and reds to cool blues and purples. The large flowers are 3" across.

Swiss Giant pansies are wonderful in containers or at the front of the border. The edible flowers make an interesting garnish. Pansies are shade tolerant, and they bloom best in the cool weather of spring and fall.

height 8"  spacing 6"
Pansy 'Swiss Giants'