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Melon 'Tigger'
(85 days)

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Tigger melon is truly unique. It has reddish-orange and yellow stripes on the outside and fragrant, mildly sweet, cream-colored flesh. The small fruits weigh up to one pound, and they are produced in large numbers on vigorous vines.

Melon 'Tigger' is easy to pick and crack resistant. It's the perfect item for the farmer's market. Latin name: Cucumis melo.

85 days

Sowing Tigger Melon Seeds

Sow melon seeds outdoors after the last frost date when the soil has warmed, 1/2" deep. Or sow indoors 3 weeks early. Space 2' apart in rows. Or sow in hills spaced 4-6' apart. Thin to 3 plants per hill. Full sun.

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