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Gypsophila pacifica
(Perennial Baby's Breath)

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Gypsophila pacifica

Gypsophila pacifica is a rare perennial baby's breath. It makes a great filler between roses, shrubs and large perennials. The airy sprays of pale pink flowers are nice for fresh or dried flower arrangements.

I like Gypsophila pacifica better than the more commonly seen Gypsophila paniculata. The pale pink flowers are larger, and the blue-green foliage is also attractive. It blooms the first year from seed if started early indoors, and it self sows quite well.

Also known as Pink Baby's Breath. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. Hardy in zones 3-9.

height 3'  spacing 24"

Sowing Gypsophila pacifica Seeds

Start gypsophila seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last frost date. Sow on the surface. Full sun.

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gypsophila pacifica