Delphinium 'Astolat' Seeds (Larkspur x cultorum)
Delphinium 'Astolat'
(Larkspur x cultorum)

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Delphinium 'Astolat' has soft lilac-pink flowers with white centers. It looks lovely with old-fashioned roses, white flowers, and blue delpiniums. The long-stemmed flowers are excellent for cutting.

Also known as Delphinium elatum and Delphinium cultorum 'Pacific Giant Astolat' from the Round Table Series (Pacific Group Series).

Delphiniums require staking or a sheltered location to prevent wind damage. Deer resistant. Hardy in zones 3-9.

height 5'  spacing 24"

Sowing Delphinium 'Astolat' Seeds

Start delphinium seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Sow 1/8" deep. Full sun to part shade. Fertile, well-drained soil.

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Delphinium 'Astolat'